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Sharing The Greek-American Experience

YaSas.com is the place to find a Monthly Calendar of Greek Events, Feast Days, Name Days, and Holidays, local Greek Orthodox Churches, a Map of Greece, Greek Merchandise on eBay and Amazon, and Greek-American Businesses.

Remember to look for your local USA Greek Festival for 2014, so you can eat your favorite Greek foods, dance the Hasapiko, and yell "Opa!"

Upcoming Greek Festivals

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Featured Event Starts August 29

Pan-Icarian Convention, Clearwater, FL

Mavra's Greek Oil Mediterranean Specialty Supplies, LLC, Kenosha, WI
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Greek Name Days

8/20 Samuel, Samouel, Sam, 8/20 Theoharis, Theoharoula, Haroula, 8/20 Iliodoros, Iliodora, Heliodora, Eldora, Eleadora, Eleodora, Elda

Greek Holidays / Orthodox Holy Days

9/8 Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos, 9/14 Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross