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The Food and Wine of Greece: More Than 300 Classic and Modern Dishes from the Ma... Book


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“An irresistible cookbook filled with tantalizing recipes, delightful stories, and gastronomic joy. I loved it.”?Paula Wolfert, author of Mediterranean Cooking, The Cooking of South-West France, and Paula Wolfert’s World of Food.

The cuisine of Greece is rich with traditional and regional culinary dishes that go far beyond the standard fare of moussaka and spinach pie. Diane Kochilas lived and traveled through Greece searching out home cooks and professional chefs alike to gather these special recipes and explore the culture that surrounds them, The result is this, her delicious, classic first book filled with recipes accessible to cooks everywhere. This tantalizing collection covers all aspects of Greek cuisine and pays tribute to the history and tradition behind the different dishes. Each chapter?from olives and bread to appetizers, stews, savory pies, fish, poultry, meat, eggs, grains, vegetables, and sweets?is filled with detail on the ancient, religious, and folkloric origins of various dishes. Basic preparations, such as those for phyllo, avgolemono, and grilling fish and game, are covered, as are regional variations and local specialties. Let Diane Kochilas introduce you to the food and wine of Greece, the secrets of great Greek home cooks and the rich culinary tradition of this ancient land. And, be sure to watch Diane's new show My Greek Table on Public Television!

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