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The Greek-American Experience is the best place to emerse yourself in the Greek culture with our festival listings, events, Orthodox holidays and holy days, name days, local Greek Orthodox church listings, funny jokes, and businesses and organizations owned and/or run by the Greek-American community. Remember to look for your local USA Hellenic festival for 2022. At your festival, you can enjoy your favorite Greek foods and desserts, such as, baklava and loukoumades. You can dance the Hasapiko and yell "Opa!" Or, watch live cooking demonstrations, then follow recipes from a Greek cookbook, when you return home.

Greek Language

Do you want to learn a few words in Greek to speek with yiayia? Maybe you're in a Fraternity or Sorority and need to learn the Greek alphabet? Check out the Greek alphabet pages of our website. There's even some quizzes to see how well you know alpha to omega!

Travel to Greece

Do your travel plan include a vacation in Greece this summer? Our travel resources pages explain the 14 areas of Greece, list airports, mention US Visa requirements and travel alerts, plus other helpful information. If you're wondering whether to take a cruise, or, use local transporation, check out the Best Way to Experience the Greek Isles article.