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Greek Festivals 2024

Greek Flag

May 18, 2024 Oakland, CA


May 19, 2024 Durham, NC


Jun 1, 2024 Raleigh, NC


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Happenings 📆

Greek Language 💬


Gála Milk 🥛

Πώς είσαι σήμερα;

Pós eísai símera? How are you today?

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Spotlight ⭐

Athenian Corner Restaurant & Lounge

Full service restaurant and lounge with live music, folk dancing, and belly dancing, serving fine Greek food since 1974 in Lowell MA.

Τα Nέα 📰

🌎 World Amphipolis Tomb Opened for Scientists and Researchers...

🗽 USA Thriving Greek Diaspora in USA...

👪 Family

Η ξαδέρφη μας χρησιμοποιεί κατακάθι καφέ ☕ για να μας πει την τύχη μας. 😉

Orthodoxy ⛪

4/28/2024 Orthodox Palm Sunday

One of twelve Great Feasts, this is the Sunday before Easter and celebrates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Name Days

Dafnis Daphne Gerontios Vaios Aristarhos Pagalos Thomais is the best place to emerse yourself in the Greek culture with our festival listings, events, name days, parades, Greek holidays, local Greek Orthodox church listings and Orthodox holy days, and businesses and organizations owned and/or run by the Greek-American community. Remember to look for your local USA Hellenic festival for 2024. At your festival, you can enjoy your favorite Greek foods and desserts, such as, baklava and loukoumades. You can dance the Hasapiko and yell "Opa!" Or, watch live cooking demonstrations, then follow recipes from a Greek cookbook, when you return home. Then check out our travel resources for Greece.