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PatriaPet Greece Dog Collar | Greek Flag | Quick-Release Buckle | Made in NJ, US...


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HARNESSES: If you're looking for a harness, please search for it by copying and pasting (or typing) the following into the search bar above: patriapet country flag step-in dog harness ADJUSTABLE COLLAR SIZE INFO: Extra large, length 19 to 30 in., width, 1 in. /// Large, length 16 to 26 in., width, 1 in. /// Medium, length 12 to 19 in., width, 3/4 in. OR width, 1 in. /// Small, length 9 to 13 in., width, 5/8 in. /// Extra small, 7.5 to 11 in., width, 3/8 in. MADE IN NJ, USA: We are located in New Jersey and make our products to order. We strive to fulfill orders within 24-36 hours of reciept. STRONG: We use better buckles. We use premium Weinerlock brand buckles made by the USA-based National Molding Company. SAFE: We use heavy-gauge metal d-rings that are welded closed at the ends so they cannot be pulled open. This creates a safer collar. COLORS: We use a high-heat printing method called dye sublimation. During this process the heat vaporizes the ink into a gas and drives it into the fabric. The resulting vibrant colors are permanent and will not rub off or run with water exposure. MARTINGALE: The Martingale collar design reduces the chances of a dog slipping out of its collar especially when the dog has a narrow head such as a Greyhound or Whippet. By design, when the dog pulls, the cinching loop brings the two metal loops together to close down on the dog's neck. Adjust the collar so that when the two metal loops are drawn together, the collar does not fully squeeze the dog's neck but still has a comfortable amount of room between the collar and the neck.

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