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Mediterranean Cookbook:: A Tasta of Greece (culinary journey cookbooks Book 3)


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Mediterranean Cookbook-A Tasta of Greece

Another book from the best seller cookbooks series:"A Culinary Journey - a journey between landscapes and recipes"

And this time GREECE>
Greece - amazingly diverse country offers its visitors a whole world: ancient cities, archaeological sites worldwide importance, impressive monasteries, green mountains, forests and streams of water, picturesque villages, sunny beaches and beautiful islands.
Mediterranean climate combined with ouzo and locals who know what real joy is, make Greece one of the liveliest countries in continental Europe. The food takes up an important part of Greek culture, meals are conducted peacefully and calmly and include mezze (hot and cold dishes served in small dishes), and main dishes consists mainly of fish, seafood and grilled meats. Greek food is made and served with passion and love. In Greece I learned how to celebrate life and enjoy simple and delicious food. No wonder the Mediterranean diet is so successful in recent years. There is something about Greek cuisine that just feels right...
Simple, easy and absolutely delicious!
I want to take you on a culinary journey through recipes and landscapes that will give you a deeper glance on Greece with The 50 best recipes of the region, gathered especially for you.
This is not a regular cookbook; In this book I will try to introduce you briefly the history and culture of Greece and especially the principles of the Greek cuisine.
Through the recipes and the beautiful pictures of the dishes and landscapes, I hope you can feel for a moment as though you are now seating at a small charming taverna, listening to the sounds of bouzouki and with a glass of ouzo, enjoys all the great dishes served in front of you ... Yasu!

The recipes in this book are divided to 6 categories:
3.vegetarian dishes
5.Fish/sea food
7.Quick and easy (less than 30 minutes)

Wishing you a delicious and spiritual journey.

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