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TRAVELREST Nest Memory Foam Travel Pillow and Neck Pillow, Advanced Neck Supp...


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OPTIMAL SLEEP IN THE SKIES, TOP AIRPLANE NECK PILLOW FOR 2018, 2023: ENDORSED BY THE NEW YORK TIMES WIRECUTTER. After undergoing multiple cross-country overnight flights in various seat positions%97window, aisle, and center%97we are confident that the Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow reigns as the paramount choice. With its remarkable comfort and effortless portability, this pillow has proven itself as the ultimate travel essential. SLEEP INNOVATION: The Travelrest Ultimate shines with its distinctively angled back that stays flat against the seat, ensuring impeccable alignment%97unlike curved-back pillows that push heads forward. It also features anti-slip rubber grip dots to ensure stability. The plush memory foam envelops the entire neck, eliminating any leaning discomfort. Elevate your travel sleep with this flight pillow, delivering unparalleled sleep support during extended flights. REVITALIZE YOUR TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: Engineered with thermo-sensitive memory foam, our flight pillow delivers optimal support for neck, shoulder, and head during travel. This scientifically tested design ensures stability with a non-slip backing and promises maximum comfort for chronic pain sufferers on long flights. EFFORTLESS RELAXATION EVERYWHERE YOU GO: Our neck pillow is your ultimate companion for long flights, car trips, train journeys, buses, couch relaxation, and more. Embrace its adaptability, perfectly catering to your sleep needs. SEAMLESS TRAVEL CONVENIENCE, STYLISH CHOICES: Explore our flight pillow, featuring sophisticated gray and vibrant blue options. This package includes a Velcro stuff sack and memory foam earplugs. Ingeniously compact, it compresses to a quarter of its size, attaching seamlessly to luggage. Your ultimate travel companion, ensuring easy transport and storage.

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