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?ADEQUATE QUANTITY?The toothpick flag has a specification of 100 National toothpick flags,and there are sufficient food labels for any activity,The size of the mini International toothpick flag is 1.38 x 0.98 inches, and the pole length is 2.56 inches. ?100PACK COUNTRY FLAGS?These national toothpick flags used for party food parties can be used for table decoration at national holiday parties, and can also be used to express our patriotism and determination. ?SUITABLE FOR ALL KINDS OF PARTIES?These Countries toothpick flag food labels can be used for weddings, gatherings, buffets to label various foods such as cakes, cheese, deli, salads, etc. ?SAFE MATERIAL?The multifunctional National cake flags for parties are essential items for any event,Countries toothpick flags are made of high-quality wooden poles and all natural materials of paper, which will not pollute the environment,The surface of Countries toothpick flags is smooth and burr free, making them safer and more sturdy than plastic toothpicks,They are an environmentally friendly and economical choice, durable and safe. ?QUALITY ASSURANCE?Stidsds is a professional cake toothpick flag manufacturer, and these party toothpick flag food logos are perfect for any food,If you have any questions about these National toothpick flag markings, please contact us.

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