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Greek Yogurt Maker Dash

Greek Yogurt Maker Dash

The Dash Greek Yogurt Maker is one of the most popular yogurt makers on the market! Making yogurt from scratch is a healthier alternative to store bought yogurts with unhealthy additives.

What's Included?

Questions and Answers

Q: Does the Dash make True Greek Yogurt?

A: Any yogurt can become "greek style" as long as the whey is strained through cheesecloth to the desired thickness.

Q: Can the Dash make Vegan Yogurt?

A: Yes. Coconut milk and soy milk are vegan alternatives to dairy such as cow milk and goat milk.

Q: How Much Yogurt Does the Dash Yield?

A: 2 to 5 cups depending upon the recipe used.

Q: Are any of the Parts Dishwasher Safe?

A: Yes.

Q: Where can I purchase the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker?

A: Amazon has them...