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Feast of the Holy Theophany (Epiphany) January 6

Feast Day: January 6

⛪ The Feast of the Holy Theophany (Epiphany) of the Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ is one of the Great Feasts of the Greek Orthodox Church, honoring the Baptism of Christ in the Jordan River by John the Baptist and the divine revelation of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, were made manifest. Epiphany means manifestation and Theophany (Θεοφάνεια) is the manifestation (sudden appearance) of God.

Water is blessed by priests and used for baptisms and for blessing homes and businesses. Greeks celebrate this feast by swimming in the icy waters of rivers, lakes, and seas. This is seen as a way to cleanse oneself of sin and to prepare for the new year. On this day priests throw a cross into the water for others to dive in, retrieve, and receive a blessing.

Koliva, a traditional dish of wheat berries, honey, nuts, and fruits, is served as a symbol of new life and resurrection.

Image: The icon, in the infographic, depicts John the Baptist, Jesus, and Angels of God. Watch the video below, as fifty-two teenagers dive for the cross in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Video: Theophany Service Blessing the Water on the Feast Day of the Lord's Baptism from Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Christian Church

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