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The modern Greek alphabet (αλφάβητο) was originally adapted from the Phoenician letter forms during the early 8th century BC. You may recognize some of the letters, as many are used as symbols in science and in mathematic equations. Want to know how to learn the Greek Alphabet fast? Skip down to memorize the 24 characters, then take the quiz.

Greek Alphabet Letters Details

There are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet, for both the ancient and the modern version. Alpha (άλφα) is the first letter and Omega (ωμέγα) is the last letter of the alphabet. Keep in mind that the "Δ" is pronounced as a cross between the "D" and "TH" from the English alphabet and the "B" in Greek is pronounced similar to the "V" in English. Click the appropriate link to view the Greek pronunciation, name, spelling, infographic, and English comparison translation for each character listed below:

Alpha to Omega

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