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Sharing The Greek-American Experience

First-Generation Greek-American Jokes Humor

If you were offended by the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" then this page of Greek American jokes and humor is not for you. If, on the other hand, you sat in a crowded theatre and noticed that there were two waves of laughter for each joke; one before the punch line from those of us raised as First-Generation Greek-Americans (we knew what was coming next and laughed in anticipation); and the second after the punch line from everyone else, you will most likely get a laugh or two here.

You know you are a First-Generation Greek-American if...

Submitted Anonymously

you thought everyone had a Thea Koula who pinched your cheeks so hard they hurt for two days!
you grew up with a yard that didn't have a single patch of dirt without a flower or a vegetable growing out of it!
you thought every meal had to be eaten with a hunk of bread in your left hand and had no idea that others put butter on their bread!
your dad insisted that the home repair person sit down and eat two pieces of baklava before going home for dinner!
you were afraid of being eaten by the baboola (Greek bogeyman) or pontiki (mouse) when you were a child!
your parents drove the long way home from church so they could stop along the highway to pick xorta for lunch!
someone's hair caught fire at least once during an Easter eve candlelight service when they turned their head to greet the person behind them!
you learned to play backgammon (tavli) before you went to grade school!
straaumbeeries was your favorite fruit and every recipe your yiayia fixed began with one half pound of melted butter!
a short car ride to the airport to pick up your yiayia and papou required the entire extended family, including the Kumbari!

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