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Ikaria, Greece Healthy Living | The Blue Zones Project


Ikaria, Greece is now known as one of the original five, healthy living, "Blue Zones" first encountered by Dan Buettner. He teamed up with National Geographic and other researchers to search the world for people living longer, better lives. When they reached Ikaria, they found people living healthy, past the age of 90.

The traditional Ikarian diet includes home grown vegetables, leafy greens (horta,) goat's milk, fish, legumes, antioxidant-rich herbal teas, coffee, potatoes, and, of course, olives and olive oil. Less cancer, heart disease, and dementia was reported by Buettner, when compared to people in other areas of the world.

Food isn't the only reason for longevity in Ikaria. This small island, with approximately 255 square miles, is in the Aegean Sea near Turkey. The topography is hilly and walking up and down those steep hills is a natural part of the daily routine. The summertime heat has Ikarians stopping for a refreshing afternoon nap. And, keeping a garden means burning calories with digging, sowing, weeding, and harvesting.

Socializing is a big part of the Greek experience. Grandparents are involved with household chores and with raising the grandchildren, which keeps them active long into their senior years.

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Five Original Blue Zones

Along with Ikaria, Greece, other areas originally designated as "Blue Zones" include Nicoya, Costa Rica, Okinawa, Japan, Sardinia, Italy, and Loma Linda, California, USA. Physical activity, eating healthy, and family where found to be keys to longevity for each Blue Zone.

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