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How to Learn Greek

If you are reading this article, I assume you are wondering how to learn Greek. Maybe you will be traveling to Greece soon, just want to know a new language, or you want to understand what your in-laws are saying. Whatever your reason for learning Greek, here are four options available to you.

#1: Greek Soap Operas and the News

My parents watch the Greek channels offered through their cable TV service. When I stop by, they usually have either a soap opera running or the news. I'm sure there are other programs available, but that's what they watch. See if your TV provider offers channels from Greece or hook up a Roku device to watch satellite TV. Be sure to turn the subtitles on and keep a Greek / English dictionary with you while you watch.

#2: Text a Friend in Greek

Do you know that you can change the keyboard on your SmartPhone to the Greek language? Before you do, find a native Greek speaker who is willing to text with you. If you're not sure how to find someone like this, call your local Greek Orthodox Church and ask them if they know anyone who wants to teach Greek.

#3: GreekPod101

GreekPod101 offers online lessons and is one of the best ways to learn Greek. Their audio and video lessons, flashcards, notes, and community groups make learning fun and you can start with a free account. Learn Greek on the go with desktop software, mobile app, and website account.

#4: Books, CDs, and Flashcards

Greek language books, CDs, and flashcards can be purchased from Amazon and either shipped to your door or to an Amazon locker near you. When you receive your order be sure to share with a friend who also wants to know Greek. Make a weekly date to practice the lessons and stick to it.

I hope you have a better understanding of how to learn Greek, because it will help you when you travel to Greece. If you are itching to get started right now, check out our Greek alphabet game quiz.

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