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St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church & Greek Festival


St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church

2019 Greek Food Festival (Hellenic Glendi) Details for Flemington, NJ1

Dates and Times

  • Fri: 9/6/2019 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Sat: 9/7/2019 Noon - 10:00 PM
  • Sun: 9/8/2019 Noon - 7:00 PM

More Information2

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Description: St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church has two events per year.

SPRING: Greek Bistro Flemington captures Flavors of Greece as offered throughout Greece in traditional bistros, tavernas, and restaurants. The event features two days of dining on hearty and light fare for lunch, dinner, and in-between. Enjoy your traditional favorites like Pastitsio and Spanakopita, or try something new- like Spetsofai "Greek style" sausage and peppers, Roast Chicken "Riganato", Souzoukakia "Greek style" meatball sub sandwich, or Roast Pork "Greek Style" marinated in wine and herbs and slow roasted. Pastries, Greek wine, Greek Beer available. Visit for full menu and details. Follow us on Facebook @greekbistroflemington. Net proceeds will help support the many ministries of the parish.

FALL: This festival is west Central Jersey's big cultural family event, featuring food, shopping, fun, and entertainment. Since 2016 the festival has been voted the winner of the "Best Foodie Event" in Hunterdon on the Happening List. The restaurant, grill, cafe, and taverna, offers something for everyone. Guests can enjoy delicious Greek fare indoors or outside under the tent. The Greek Kitchen Restaurant offers signature oven baked items such as moussaka, pastitsio, and roasted lamb shank. An outdoor grill offers fresh souvlaki and gyros. The Taverna will feature Greek wine and beer, as well as soft drinks. Cafe features include a selection of traditional Greek pastries including the very popular baklava as well as Greek and American coffee.

The International Marketplace and Vendor Fair will feature an array of merchants to satisfy a wide variety of shopping interests including jewelry, home decor, fine art, home improvement, toys, and Greek imports.

A portion of entrance donations will support local charities. Follow us on at Facebookfacebook/opafestival.

Admission / Parking:3
SPRING: Free Parking and Free Admission. Credit Cards Accepted.

FALL: Parking is free and conveniently located just off of highway 202, near JP Case Middle School. Suggested entrance donation is $2 for adults and children over 12.

FALL: Greek dance troups and Greek music. Fun Zone will include amusement games for the family to enjoy, inflatables, pony rides, and face-painting.

Typical Greek Festival Foods: Baklava : Μπακλάβα | Tiropita : Τυρóπιτα | Spanakopita : Σπανακόπιτα | Fasolakia : Φασολάκια | Loukoumades : Λουκουμάδες | Loukanico : Λουκανικό | Dolmades : Ντολμάδες | Salad : Σαλάτα | Feta : Φέτα | Olives : Ελιές | Mousaka : Μουσακάς | Pastitsio : Παστίτσιο | Souvlaki : Σουβλάκι | Rice : Ρύζι | Bread : Ψωμί | Chicken : Κοτόπουλο | Calamari : Καλαμάρι | Saganaki : Σαγανάκι | Mezes : Μεζές | Coffee : Καφές | Koulourakia : Κουλουράκια | Finikia : Φοίνικα | Kataifi : Καταϊφι | Galaktoboureko : Γαλακτοβουρεκό | Karydopita : Καρυδόπιτα | Melomakarona : Μελομακάρονα | Ouzo : Ούζο | Bougatsa : Μπουγάτσα | Kourabiedes : Κουραμπιέδες | Click to buy Greek Festival Foods on Amazon...

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