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Greek Days of the Week


Pronunciation of Days of the Week in Greek

Here are the pronunciations for the days of the week in the Greek language from Sunday to Saturday. The letter "Δ" is a cross between the "D" and "TH" from the English alphabet.

Sunday through Saturday

  • Sunday: Κυριακή (Key-ree-ah-kee)
  • Monday: Δευτέρα (DThef-tera)
  • Tuesday: Τρίτη (Tree-tee)
  • Wednesday: Τετάρτη (Te-tar-tee)
  • Thursday: Πέμπτη (Pemb-tee)
  • Friday: Παρασκευή (Pa-ra-ske-vee)
  • Saturday: Σάββατο (Sa-va-tow)
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