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Learn Greek Months of Year Names


Pronunciation of the Months of the Year in Greek

Ready to learn the months of the year? Memorize the names and pronunciations for the 12 months in the Greek language below, from January to December. Then, take the quiz.

January to December

  • January: Ιανουάριος (E-a-nou-a-re-os)
  • February: Φεβρουάριος (Fe-vrou-a-re-os)
  • March: Μάρτιος (Mar-tea-os)
  • April: Απρίλιος (A-pre-lee-os)
  • May: Μάιος (Ma-e-os)
  • June: Ιούνιος (E-ou-ne-os)
  • July: Ιούλιος (E-ou-le-os)
  • August: Αύγουστος (Av-gou-stos)
  • September: Σεπτέμβριος (Se-ptem-vre-os)
  • October: Οκτώβριος (O-ctom-bre-os)
  • November: Νοέμβριος (No-em-vree-os)
  • December: Δεκέμβριος (The-kem-vre-os)

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Months of Year

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November, December.

Μήνες του έτους

Ιανουάριος, Φεβρουάριος, Μάρτιος, Απρίλιος, Μάιος, Ιούνιος, Ιούλιος, Αύγουστος, Σεπτέμβριος, Οκτώβριος, Νοέμβριος, Δεκέμβριος.