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Greek Independence Day (Ottoman Empire) March 25

Holiday: March 25

Greek Flag Greek Independence Day, March 25, is the day the Greeks celebrate the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman empire ruled over Greece from 1453 until 1832. Prior to this, Greece was ruled by the Byzantine empire.

The war of independence was waged by Greek revolutionaries between 1821 and 1832, after 400 years of occupation and oppression by the Ottoman Turks. With the help of Russia, the United Kingdom, and France, Greece drove the Turks out, and became an independent nation in May 1832.

Towns and villages throughout Greece hold parades with school age children marching in traditional Greek costumes and carrying Greek flags. Athens is the site of a large Independence Day Military parade.

Parades in USA

Greek Independence Day is a national holiday that Greek-Americans celebrated with gusto. Many churches throughout the USA host Independence Day celebrations following their church service. Parades also mark this day in major cities. Take a look at the calendar for March, April, May dates and times for parades in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Detriot, and New York.

Greek Independence Day (Ottoman Empire) March 25

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