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Greek-American Artists



Barbara-Spyrou, Greek-American Artist Barbara Spyrou
Greek-American painter originally from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Constantino Brumidi, Greek-American Painter Constantino Brumidi
Greek-American painter spent 25 years in the 1890's painting frescos in the rotunda of the US Capitol and hallways in the Senate.

Chryssa Vardea-Mavromichali, Greek-American Artists Chryssa Vardea-Mavromichali
Greek-American artist best known for her neon, steel, aluminum, and acrylic glass creations.

Tom Megalis, Greek-American Artist and Filmmaker Tom Megalis
Greek-American artist and filmmaker with animation work seen on Nickelodeon on MTV, Comedy Central, and Fox Animation.

Peter Forakis, Greek-American Sculpture Peter Forakis
Greek-American artist and sculpture known as the originator of geometry-based sculpture.

Peter Voulkos, Greek-American Artist Peter Voulkos
Greek-American ceramics artist known for his Abstract Expressionist sculptures.