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Learn Basic Greek Colors

Pronunciation of Colors in Greek Language

Below are the names and pronunciations for some of the colors in the Greek language, for you to learn. Many colors have neuter, feminine and masculine versions. For instance, the neuter version of Black is Μαύρο, feminine is Μαύρη, and masculine is Μαύρος. After you learn how to say the colors, take a color quiz.


  • Black: Μαύρο (Ma-vro)
  • White: Άσπρο (As-pro)
  • Red: Κόκκινο (Ko-ki-no)
  • Orange: Πορτοκαλί (Por-to-ka-li)
  • Yellow: Κίτρινο (Ki-tri-no)
  • Green: Πράσινο (Pra-si-no)
  • Blue: Μπλε (Ble)
  • Brown: Καφέ (Ka-fe)
  • Pink: Ροζ (Roz)
  • Purple: Μωβ (Mov)
  • Gold: Χρυσό (Hri-so)
  • Silver: Ασήμι (A-si-mi)

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Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gold, Silver.


Μαύρο, Άσπρο, Κόκκινο, Πορτοκαλί, Κίτρινο, Πράσινο, Μπλε, Καφέ, Ροζ, Μωβ, Χρυσό, Ασήμι.