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Travel Peloponnese, Greece


Travel Area: Peloponnese

Map of Peloponnese

About Peloponnese, Greece

The Peloponnese is a peninsula in southern Greece, south of the Gulf of Corinth. It consists of a mountainous interior covered with evergreen, oak, and pines and deeply indented coastal valleys. The four south-pointing peninsulas are the Messenian peninsula, the Mani Peninsula, the Cape Malea peninsula, and the Argolid in the far northeast of the Peloponnese.

Fun Facts

• Mount Taygetus it the highest point in the Peloponnese with a height of over 2400 meters.
• The Peloponnese has an area of 21,549.6 km².
• This peninsula has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

Sightseeing Suggestions

• The Byzantine town of Monemvassia.
• Patras, the third-largest city in Greece with a major harbor.
• The Vouraikos Gorge.
• The stone village of Dimitsana.
• The historic city of Sparta.
• The Caves of Dyros.
• The ancient city of Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics.
• Windsurfing, white-water activities, and yachting.


• The closest large commercial airports are in Kalamata and Athens.
• Ground transport from both airports is available with rental cars, buses, and trains.
• Kalamata International Airport (KLX) map
• Porto Kheli (Cheli) Airport (PKH) map
• Sparti Airport (SPJ) map