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Travel Sterea Hellas, Greece


Travel Area: Sterea Hellas

Map of Sterea Hellas

About Sterea Hellas, Greece

Sterea Hellas is in central Greece and borders Epirus and Thessaly to the north, and Attica to the southeast. Snow, hot springs, seasides, and mountains provide summer and winter sports.

Fun Facts

Mt. Giona, reaching a height of 2,510 meters, is a great place for hikers, mountaineers, and skiers.

Sightseeing Suggestions

The ancient city of Delphi is a popular tourist destination.
Skiing in Amfiklia, Arahova, Kaliakouda, Karpenissi, Mt. Giona, and Velouhi.
The scenic village of Agia Triada.


Airlines, railroads, and bus lines provide transportation to and from Sterea Hellas.
(Volos) International Airport of Central Greece (VOL) map